With presence of representatives from Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Supervision and Scientific Education Office, and Students’ Activities Departments in Iraqi universities, a knowledge Forum was held.

The closing ceremony was preceded by a soccer match between the Kirkuk University’ team and Al Manara College for Medical Sciences. Al Manara College came first, Kirkuk University second, while the third place was for both Ahlulbeit College and Al Bayan College.

During the ceremony, a speech was given by the representative of Supervision and Scientific Education Office, who was thankful for the hosting and participation and valued the role of UoITC that hosted the event.

Dr. Abbas Al Jubouri, the University President’s Manager Assistant, thanked the participants, the winners and those who were not lucky this time, and valued the efforts given by Al Rashid University College and the preparation authority in UoITC.

Dr. Younis Abbas Hussein, Head of the Ministerial Cultural Committee, also praised arbitration and organizing committees along with all heads of delegations, and presented the winners with winning shields and honor certificates.

This competition is part of the second quarter activities of UoITC and hosted in cooperation with Al Rashid College for the time interval of (24-28) of February, and was attended by 39 different universities: Baghdad University, Al Mustansiriya, Basra, Karbala, Al Qadisiya, Tikrit, Dyala, Al Kufa, Kirkuk, Middle Euphrates, Northern Technical, Missan, Middle Technical, Babil, Thi Qar, Iraqi University, University of Technology, Wasit, Al Muthanna, Al Karkh for Science and Information Technology, AlAin, Al Bayan, Ahlulbait, Al Kafeel, Al Farahidi, Uruk, Islamic University, College of Dijlah, Al Rafidein, Al Manara for Medical Sciences, Al Rashid, Madinat al Elm, Al Ma’arif, Al Kunuz, Al Qalam, Al Salam, Al Turath and Al Nusoor.