Prof. Dr. Qusay Al Suhail, the Minister of Higher of Education, has given the final approvement for starting an afternoon studies in many departments, colleges and Iraqi Universities.

This approvement comes during a meeting with Opinion Committee, through which he has made an agreement on starting the latter type of studies in each of ‘Diseases Analysis Department’ in College of Science/ Wasit University, ‘Administrative Information Systems Department’ in College of Administration and Economics College/ Al Basra University, ‘Electro-mechanical Techniques Engineering Department in Technical College/ Southern Technical University/ ThiQar, ‘English Language Department’ in College of Literature/ Al Qadisiyah University, ‘Media Technology Communications Department’ in College of Engineering/ University of Information Technology and Communications, ‘Electrical Engineering Department’ and ‘Arabic Language Department’ in College of Engineering and College of Islamic Sciences/ Iraqi University, ‘English Language Department’ and ‘Media Department’/ Al Kufa University, ‘Accounting Techniques Engineering Department’ in Technical Institute/ Median Euphrates University/ Al Rumeithah, ‘Diseases Analysis Department’ in College of Sciences/ Soumar University, ‘Control and Automation Techniques’ in College of Electrical Engineering Techniques College and ‘Banking and Financing Department’ in Administration Techniques College/ Median Technical University/ Baghdad, ‘Mathematics and Computer Department’ in College of Primary Education and ‘Information Security Department’ in College of Information Technology/ Babel University, ‘Primary Classes Instructor’ and ‘Business Administration Department’ in College of Primary Education College and College of Administration and Economics/ ThiQar University, ‘Drone Engineering Section’ in ‘Electromagnetic Engineering Department’/ University of Technology, ‘Networks Department’ in College of Computer Sciences and Information Technology/ Kirkuk University, and ‘Holy Quraan and Sciences Department’, and ‘Prophet Speech and Sciences Department’ in College of Islamic Sciences/ Al Falluja University.

The Audience has confirmed that most newly created departments are in need for about 50% of unemployed lecturers in case of lack of staff, according to contracting and payment instructions, not to forget assuring that this lecturing staff fulfill their basic scientific names and Teaching Methods Training Courses.