The University holds the third Iraqi Information Society Forum

The University of Information and Communication Technology (UoITC) held the 3rd Iraqi Information Society Forum, which was held under the slogan “Bridging the Standardization Gap” in the presence of the technical agent of the Ministry of Communications, Amir Al-Bayati, Advisor to the Minister of Communications Hiyam Al-Yasiri, researchers and specialists in the field of information technology like Prof. Dr. Alaa H. Al-hamami. The president of UoITC Prof. Dr. Abbas M. Al-Bakry said: “The failure to adopt global standards in dealing with information technology can lead to a rise in the cost of daily commercial business and the consumption government activities, whereas governments must spend the resources wisely”. Dr. Abbas Al-Bakry referred to the failure in using Information Technology and Communications standards leads to a loss in efficiency of technology infrastructure and increases its cost which results in products that do not meet the needs of the country. The symposium included three sessions, The first was entitled “Telecommunication Standardization”, the second was “Standardization of Information” and the third was about Standardization and building software (Reality and Challenges). During the symposium. Through the symposium, a pair of Iraqi inventors was opened and included presenting projects of BIC students. Finally, the appreciation certificates were distributed to the participants and researchers.