Under the Theme “Water is the Artery of Life”

University organizes a campaign about the Importance of Water Consumption Rationalization.

The University of Information Technology and Communication has carried out a campaign about the importance of water consumption rationalization in cooperation with Governmental Communicating Section in the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and the Ministry of Water Resources.

The campaign includes publishing specific posters about how to rationalize water consumption and not to waste it in washing vehicles and streets, but to depend on developed water spraying systems, in addition to organizing calling for a symposium for the awareness of maintaining water resources and rivers purity of discharges and not waste fresh water.

The university has already organized a symposium earlier about this matter and concluded to specifying wrong routines that cause extreme water consumption and identified certain methods for consumption rationalization, also pointing to the importance of performing periodical maintenance, instant malfunction repairing and reporting damages and leakage.