UoITC’s Second Annual Jobs, Programming and Modern Application Fair for Senior Year Students

University’s 2nd Annual Jobs, Programming and Modern Applications Fair for senior Year StudentsF was organized by Section of Qualifying and Employment.

The Opening fair was attended by many private companies specialized in programming and communications and by many banks, along with a number of lecturers and students.

Prof. Dr. Abbas M. Al-bakry, The University’s President, in his speech, said “The University always aims towards the cooperation with public and private sectors’ foundations, so as to bring alumni in local jobs market”.

Al Bakry pointed to that “This fair is the product of all students of the college, and it is necessary to emphasize on subjects that support the jobs market environment in both public and private sectors, and how important it is to communicate between those two sectors by focusing of students’ projects that merge both theoretical and practical work and develop students’ abilities and skills in Information technology and communications which gives them the qualifications necessary to compete for better jobs. This is done by specific training and qualifying programs for the students during their study years”.

Dr. Jane J. Stephan, University’s President’s Assistant for Scientific Affairs, said that “The Section of Qualifying and Employment is responsible for encouraging students to participate in fairs and programming contests and qualifying them in a way they can easily win the competitions in jobs market”.

The spokesman for the Central Bank of Iraq, talked about the mechanism for making the cooperation between private and public sectors possible, and praised the university’s role in supporting such activity that cares about students. He pointed to that the CBI has offered many easy loans for students with simple projects, and the CBI has presented free training courses in banking topics that enables alumni to win jobs opportunities in Iraqi Banks.

Additionally, the spokesman for (Orient) company for Internet Services, Mr. Mohammed Kareem, has emphasized on the importance of human resources, and how necessary for a job applicant to by fully qualified. He also talked about one program in their company that works with one-sided central control. Mr. Kareem thanked the University’s president and Dr. Mohammed Qassim, head of qualifying and employment, for their efforts in organizing the fair.

Another speech was presented by the spokesman for the (Satgate) company for Information Technology and Networks Solutions, Eng. Ali Sami, a member in the Industrial Advisory Board in Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, and the owner of the Social Initiative (The Bridge) for Society Leadership, which consists of the idea of using the brain and activating mental powers in a human being. Mr. Sami has pointed to specific qualifications and behavior needed for a job applicant to have.

This was followed by a presentation made by Smart Cities Section’s team in the UoITC that launched the Alumni System, which aims for students to enter their information and the system works as a cooperative agent to find the applicant a suitable job in different organizations in public and private sectors.

I the end, Dr. Abbas Al Bakry, presented the university’s armor and certificates to the participating companies and banks (Smart Connection, Satgate for information technology and networks solutions, Earthlink for communications, Aswar Trading Company, Ashur International Bank, Asiacell company, Orient Company, Scope Sky company, Knowledge Sun for Information Technology, Al Jazeera for Internet Services, Scope Vision company, Iraq Jobs company, Sharq Al Jazeera for Communications, Islamic South Bank and the Management of Central Bank of Iraq).

Afterwards, The University’s President opened the 2nd annual fair that displayed those companies and banks’ services, along with the graduation projects for BIC’s senior students.