In the presence of the Scientific Assistant to UOITC’s President, the Dean of Medical Informatics College, and a number of researchers and professors, a workshop entitled “Publons Academy” has been launched and will remain ongoing for three days until 23 January 2020 in the College of Engineering located in AL Mansour area.

The three axes of the workshop are given in three lectures by the Dean of the College of Engineering, Assistant Professor Dr Muayad A.Sahib and Assistant Lecturer Sanaa Sabah as follows:

The first day covering the following axes:

Peer review, Journals, Ethics, and First glance.

The second day covering the following topics:

Introductions, Methodology, Data and Results, Discussions, and Structure.

The third day dealing with the topic of registering at the “Publons” website, through which all the previous axes are discussed to choose a research and a supervisor for the purpose of peer-reviewing to obtain Publons Academy certificate.