The Continuous education center in UOITC held a virtual training course on thesis composition based on the style of ISI of the web of science. The three days course dealing with training the post-graduate student’s different types of researches, scientific journals, and how to the thesis or dissertation based on ISI of Web of Science. The training courses presented by Dr.Rula Amjed from COBI and Dr.Ahmed Shehab Amed from the Institute of Informatics for postgraduates dealt with the following topics:

1st Day
• Research type
• Research resources
• ISI/WOS indexing and searching
• How to select a hot topic

2nd Day
Systematic Literature Review (SLR):
• Start Point, Element, Keywords, Query, Filtering, Taxonomy, Verify Research Gap
• Motivation
• Challenges
• Recommendation
• SLR Paper Examples

3rd Day
Thesis Documentation for Master and Ph.D. Students based on ISI Web of Science
The lectures are presented using the platforms of Google Classrooms and Google Meet.