Prof. Dr. Abbas Mohsin Al-Bakri, President of the UOITC, chaired a meeting on organizing training courses for the topic of digital transformation.

Al-Bakri addressed the importance of the role which was given to the specialist team and the organization of work through the Continuing Education Center at the university according to a specific training curriculum with the participation of lecturers from the National Center for Administrative and Technical Development at the Ministry of Planning and from Bawabet AL-kamer Company for Electronic Technologies, as well as the lecturers of our university.

The training curriculum of the digital transformation project includes a number of specialized training courses and the participation of a group of employees of state departments and institutions for the purpose of choosing the appropriate mechanism aimed at the digital transformation of these institutions with the aim of changing the nature of work, bypassing routine circles, reducing costs, and eliminating administrative and financial corruption.

In addition to the possibility of preparing development courses and conducting field visits to some institutions.