UOITC Council Closed Its Opened Sessions after the Declaration of Examinations Results and Discussed the Procedures of Students Graduation Ceremony.

The UOITC Council closed its 17th opened session on Sunday 23/8/2020 which lasted along the Examinations and results declaration period. The council discussed the documentation of university achievements during the Pandemic of COVID-19 regarding the activities of supporting both the infected individuals and poor families in addition to the workshops and symposiums targeted the same subject. The session also discussed the scientific plan of the academic year 2020-2021. The session also discussed the disclosure of Financial disclosure of the university chancellor, vice-chancellors, and Dean’s. The session discussion also included the following topics:

University chemical warehouses, chemical labs that are used for students training, activating civil defense Committees, capacity building maintenance to avoid accidents. The council also discussed how to held the student’s Graduation ceremony in the condition of the pandemic, the declaration of Examinations results, and finally, it discussed the decision of MOHESR to consider the current academic year, a fail tolerance year.