The teacher at the University of Information Technology and Communications (Leith Sabah Maded) has published two papers in various journals indexed within the Clarivate and Scopus disciplines during the first quarter of the 2021 school year with the participation of researchers from different countries.

The first research looked at a comprehensive review of deep learning, which included algorithms, challenges, applications, design types, and other topics. The research was published in the journal of Big Data within Springer. This magazine is classified as Q1. As shown in the search link

The second research dealt with a new method to deal with the lack of images to train deep learning algorithms in the medical field within MDPI Publishing House. This magazine is classified as Q1. As explained in the search link

It should be noted that these researches contribute to linking the name of the UOITC with global and local universities and with the participation of international researchers and specialists, and international and local information technology specialists.