The instructor at the University of Information Technology and Communications (Laith Sabah Medid) published four scientific papers in different journals indexed within the Clarivate and Scopus containers during the 2020 academic year, where one of these researches was chosen as the best-applied research at the Queensland University of Technology in Australia to reveal early of diabetic foot ulcer by using a new deep learning models algorithm, and the research was applied to 500 patients.
These researches have contributed to linking the name of the University of Information Technology and Communications with local and international universities. The instructor also participated in six conferences in various countries of the world published in Springer and with the participation of international and local researchers and specialists in the field of information technology, including:
1. Prof. Dr. Jinglan Zhang – Australia
2. Prof. Dr. Ye Duan – America
3. Prof. Dr. J. Santamaría – Spain
4. Dr. Laith Farhan – Britain
5. Dr. Omran Al-Shamma – Iraq
6. Mr. Mohammed A. Fadhel – Iraq

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