The president of UOITC/Chairman of the Training, Development, and International Support Team, according to the primistral Order 22 for 2020 discussed the digital shift towards e-government with representatives of the United Nations Development Cooperation Office, in conjunction with the regional office online. A joint collaboration on the digitization file has been explored.

Dr. Al-Bakri emphasized that this was the second meeting where a joint working mechanism was opened to improve the reality of the e-government program and to evaluate programs supported by the United Nations Development Office.

During the meeting, members of the High Commission for Digital Transformation from the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers discussed the possibility of providing support to the Council of Ministers concerning the digitization file and also to discuss certain files and possible events on the mature assessment of digitization, how to reassess some sectors and how to prepare a road map for some actors for the subject of the digitization process.

Some of the events concerning the capacity-building of some government officials were also discussed. This support will be implemented by the United Nations Programme Office of Iraq in cooperation with the United Nations Regional Office.