Under the supervision of the Super intendency and Scientific Evaluation – Department of Student Activities of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research – the University of Information Technology and Communications organized The University Festival of Poetry (Goahri Course) in cooperation with Alhikma University College.

The festival was attended by 52 universities, government and community colleges. Al Hikma University College hosted the festival in its hall and gardens, with the participation of 84 poets from 52 universities from various Iraqi governorates.

The three-day festival featured a variety of events (a high-profile opening of various handworks, a book fair, a heritage ceremony for Iraqi folklore and a theatrical presentation).

At the end of the festival, the winners were selected; The University College of Architecture took the first place. The University of Mosul took the second place, the University College of Al Ain the third place, and eleven universities and colleges.

For his part, the University President’s Assistant for Administrative affairs, Dr. Mehdi Nasif Jassim, during his speech, commended the efforts of the organizing and arbitral committees and the directors of the departments and divisions of student activities for the success of this carnival, which has been hosted by various state and community universities and colleges and from several Iraqi governorates.