The president of the university meets with the representatives of the students of the faculties at the university to find out their requirements.

The President of the University of Information Technology and Communications , Prof. Dr. Abbas Mohsen Al-Bakri, met with representatives of the university’s faculties students, to review their demands and the obstacles they face and to find appropriate solutions to them.

During the meeting, the students submitted a number of requests that include some of the problems they face in virtual and attendance terms, in addition to the infrastructure that students need in their colleges.

Dr. Al-Bakri called on the deanships of the faculties at the university to study the problems posed by the students; To find possible solutions to it as quickly as possible and according to the available capabilities to provide a suitable environment for students in all aspects.

The university president stressed that among the problems that were resolved this year are the internal departments for students, which were among the most prominent problems faced by university students coming from different governorates.