The Department of Postgraduate Studies Affairs, in cooperation with the Department of Scientific Affairs, organized an electronic applied workshop entitled References Management: Mandali Application as a Model.
The workshop presented by (Asst. Prof. Dr. Sinan Abdul-Ali Naji, Dr. Imran Musa Hamdi) dealt with the subject of References Management in general through the Mandali electronic application.
The workshop included several axes, the first of which was a general introduction to Reference Management and the features of the electronic application.
The second axis dealt with installing the Mandali application on the computer, the network and mobile, as well as linking it with Microsoft Word.
The third axis dealt with how to import references from the computer and from Google Scholar, as well as from the Mandali database.
The fourth axis focused on the organization of references within the Mandali library.
In the last axis, it was mentioned how to use the application when writing research papers and theses, how to conduct reference citation operations, and how to create a list of references, in addition to changing the style of citation to suit the style required for the magazine or publishing house to be published in it.
The workshop link on YouTube