The University of Information Technology and Communications enters the QS Classification of the Best Arab Universities (QS Arab Regional Rankings 2022). The University has obtained the status of 130 Arabs out of (180) Arab universities distributed among 15 Arab States and the Centre (11) locally out of (22) universities as the official website of the classification has published.
Twenty-two Iraqi universities attended and competed, six more than last year’s edition, with the University of Baghdad leading them in 26th place out of a hundred and eighty-one Arab universities competed in accordance with the standards of academic reputation (30%), employer reputation (20%) and the proportion of teaching staff in relation to the number of students (15%)
International Scientific Research Network (IIN) (10%), Electronic Impact (5%), Percentage of PhD (5%), Quotations per Paper (5%), Research Papers per Teaching (5%), Percentage of International Faculty (2.5%) and Proportion of International Students (2.5%)
A number of universities that competed for the first time in this world rankings were Middle Euphrates Technical, ICT, Nineveh and Fallujah besides Alkitab private University also emerged for the first time.

It should be noted that Iraqi state and private universities and colleges have an increasing presence and competition in global classifications. In particular, The Times, which currently has four Iraqi universities, the QS, which has five universities, as well as its current version for the Arab region, the Scimago Classification with twenty-two universities, the Greenmetric Classification with sixty-one Iraqi universities and the URAP Classification with four Iraqi universities

Added to it is the Webometrics classification, which recorded the attendance and competition of eighty-two Iraqi universities and colleges. The Scientific Research Index of the World Publishing Repository showed that Iraq was ranked forty-fifth in the world, sixth in the Middle East and third in the Arab region.