The Qualification, Recruitment and Follow-up Division of the University of Information Technology and Communications held the fourth annual job fair electronically.It came under the slogan “E-Craft Exhibition at the Time of the Corona 2021 Pandemic.”
The president of the university, Professor Abbas Al Bakri, said in his statement, “Early communication with the labour market enables us to create the right paths for a productive and distinguished scientific research industry.
As well as providing the skills needed for a graduate, which increases access to employment and optimal employment for scientific research. Al-Bakri added that the involvement of specialized companies is a major aspect of this gallery and previous exhibitions. It’s a sign that these companies are keen to take advantage of student success, which is the result of a four-year effort.Al-Bakri also extended thanks and appreciation to the representative of the Ministry of Scientific Education and Research, participating private companies and the Division of Qualification, Employment and Follow-up and uiversity students participating in the fair.
For her part, the representative of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research Dr. Azhar Jasim Ali , Director of the Department of Studies, Planning and Follow-up, spoke on the importance of holding exhibitions such as this one concerned with the development of Graduate students’ skills, caring for their scientific research and walking them to the labour market, which is one of the tasks of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research is to market the scientific product. She Wished continuous success for students and professors of the University.

The activities of the Division of Qualification, Employment and Follow-up were then reviewed by Division official Professor Awad Kazem Mahmoud, who made a presentation.It included the Division’s participation and activities since its inception, as well as the University’s cooperation with private sector companies and follow-up to the work of graduate students in government institutions and private sector companies. He thanked the presidency and faculty for their sponsorship and interest in graduate student projects. He also valued the IT companies effective participation in the annual job fair.
Representatives of private companies participating in the annual Jobs Fair also gave presentations on the work and activity of each company, both of whom were concerned.
(including ZEN Iraq Communications Company, Asiacel Communications Company, Earthlink Internet Services Company, Moon Gateway Information Technologies Company, Alaswar Group Company)
At the end of the exhibition, the projects for graduating students from the Faculty of Engineering in its two departments (the Department of Information Technology Engineering and the Department of Communications Engineering) were reviewed.