The children of Iraq are at the Hospitality of UOITC as a Volunteer and Humanitarian Work

The Faculty of Biomedical Informatics, in collaboration with the University’s Volunteering Committee , organized a volunteer work in support of orphaned children with the participation of the Charitable Cooperation Association. It included a small children’s celebration with a variety of different activities such as painting, anthems and awareness-raising cartoons about Virus Corona and others.

“The Faculty of Biomedical Informatics, under the permanent guidance of the President of the University, has always been interested in volunteer work,” said the dean of the College, Dr. Intisar S. Chlaib. This work gives a sort of engagement between government institutions and humanitarian organizations, and the university of Information Technology and Communications play its humanitarian role in addition to the Scientific one to improve society. For his part, the Director of the Student Activities Department , Dr. Imad Al-Kaabi, commended the efforts made by the College, its Student Activities Department and its staff as they support such an important segment of society. Dr. Mohamed Ahmed, the President of Alhikma University attended and paid tribute to this humanitarian action.