The Faculty of Biomedical Informatics at the University of Information Technology and Communications held a workshop entitled (Electronic extortion and its relationship to social engineering).

The workshop, which was delivered by Mr. (Salwan Al-Bayati), a cybersecurity specialist, and Ms. (Enas Adnan Muhammad), in coordination with the College Information Unit, dealt with the concept of electronic blackmail, its types, and how to protect ourselves from blackmail.

The workshop also touched on the topic of social engineering, its types, and how to avoid social engineering attacks. It also clarified how to create strong passwords, how to test password strength through specialized sites, how to check links and distinguish a valid link from fraudulent, and what is the difference between HTTPS/HTTP and what are the steps that must be followed if we click on the link mined, how to distinguish fraudulent links and real links (phishing links to social networking sites), how to protect devices from penetration and ways to prevent falling into attacks by electronic armies and hackers.