The Dean of the Faculty of Business Informatics, prof. dr. Safa Abais Mahdi and Dean of the Faculty of Biomedical Informatics Asst. prof dr. Intisar Shadeed Chlaib at the meeting of the deans of the colleges of information technology held at Mosul University

The meeting focused on following up preparations for the start of the new academic year and discussing updating the curricula in scientific departments to keep abreast of the latest developments in the field of technology and informatics In addition to discussing the development of postgraduate studies in some scientific departments, considering requests for the establishment of new scientific departments in some colleges of Iraqi universities.

For his part, the president of Al-Mosul University, asst. prof. Qasi Kamaluddin Al-Ahmadi during the meeting presented a letter of appreciation to the deans for their role in supporting the educational system.