The College of Biomedical Informatics organizes an electronic seminar on diabetic foot disease and ways to prevent and treat it

The College of Biomedical Informatics at the University of Information Technology and Communications organized an electronic seminar entitled (Aerobic Bacteria Isolated from Diabetics Foot Infection Locally and Antibiotics Influence).

The seminar, which was given by the faculty member, Zainab Salem Jaafar, included the definition of diabetes, the causes of the development of the disease and ways to control it, what is diabetic foot disease and the effect of bacterial contamination on the aggravation of the infection and ulcers of the diabetic foot that lead to gangrene disease that leads to amputation of the foot.

The seminar dealt with identifying the most important antibiotics that are used to treat and reduce infections and ulcers, and health awareness through attention to food, sports, early treatment, and many aspects of an ideal healthy life.

The necessity of collecting data on patients with this disease and recording the health record of patients for the purpose of controlling the disease and following up on patients’ injuries in the best way was also addressed.