The President of the University of Information Technology and Communications Prof. Dr. Abbas Mohsen Al-Bakri participated as a member of the Iraqi delegation in the e-government conference held in the Italian capital of Rome and organized by the German GIZ Foundation.

The delegation also included members of the Supreme Committee for Digital Transformation and specialists from the public and private sectors.

The conference brought together public-sector innovators from around the world to explore pathways for a digitally sustainable future in the Middle East and North Africa countries.

The conference included three axes: digitization for all to push for public sector digitization, green digitization that focused on the potential of digital technology to promote sustainability and environmental risks from excessive energy consumption to e-waste piles. It explored how to maximize the green potential of digital governance, and the third axis was partnerships for digital governance. Dr. Al-Bakri’s participation in a panel discussion was (How does the future look? Green and inclusive digital governance scenarios in the Middle East and North Africa region)