The Biomedical Informatics College held its first scientific exhibition in the field of medical systems for the activities of the students of the Department of Intelligent Medical Systems.

This exhibition comes to highlight the scientific, research and practical capabilities of the department’s students in the field of programming and the application of the practical side of the curricula to serve the department’s specialization and the University and College directions by enriching the governmental and private sectors in various fields, especially the medical ones, with these medical software and systems.

The Dean of the College (Prof. Dr. Intisar Shadeed Jleeb) said; “The purpose of holding such exhibitions is to urge students to continue scientific and research endeavors and develop their programming capabilities to reach the desired result of graduating scientific competencies specialized in smart medical systems and have great potentials in employing medical data for the purpose of designing smart medical systems to solve various scientific and medical problems, which can contribute to the development of the medical level in Iraq significantly, as well as contribute to the definition of the specializations of the college and the department.

Shadeed emphasized; “The Biomedical Informatics College is among the distinguished colleges, and it is the only one in Iraq in this rare specialty; and because the college is newly formed, it is very important to inform the academic community and students in a practical way about its scientific outputs”.