The Rehabilitation and Employment Division at the University of Information Technology and Communication , in cooperation with the General Directorate of Industrial Development at the Ministry of Industry and Minerals, held a workshop on entrepreneurship and how to establish small and medium industrial projects.

The workshop, delivered by Ms. Huda Qasim Khazal from the Division of Qualifying Graduates and Reducing Unemployment at the Ministry of Industry, discussed the mechanism of containing the talents and creativity of graduate students by establishing small and medium industrial projects, as well as providing support and encouragement from the beginning of choosing a project until it reaches the stage of production and marketing.

It also touched on the facilities included in the new law provided by this division in terms of obtaining work permits, granting licenses, proposing controls and criteria for establishing the project, in addition to customs exemptions, as well as promoting the products of the private and mixed sectors through exhibitions, conferences, courses, and the directorate’s website.

The workshop referred to the number of projects adopted by the General Directorate of Industrial Development, which amounted to 188 projects. Statistics were also reviewed showing the high percentage of these projects during the spread of the Corona pandemic, and a video clip representing one of those successful projects was shown.