The University of Information Technology and Communications has completed the study of its buildings in order to save energy and reduce emissions and to transform the university building into an energy-saving building within the project of the National Initiative to Support Energy and Reduce Government Emissions.

The project, launched by the government, aims to reach a safe environment and provide energy to achieve the well-being of the Iraqi citizen and society in response to the international climate agreement through the application of the international standard ISO Energy, and the aim of which is to reduce energy consumption in the government sector by 50% and the community in the governorates by 30% In addition to reducing CO2 according to international commitments in the Climate Agreement by 1-2%, as well as spreading the awareness culture in the field of energy and environmental sustainability by no less than 50% for each of the employees and students for the next five years, and transforming the buildings of government institutions from traditional buildings to saving ones by installing solar energy systems not less than 10% of them during the next five years.