The College of Biomedical Informatics at the University of Information and Communication Technology (UoITC) held an educational seminar on developing charisma and strength of character.

The seminar was presented by Mr. Aqeel Abdul Hussein Jamil, an international trainer in consciousness sciences and a specialist in neuro-linguistic programming.

In the seminar, the concept of charisma was presented along with its origins, and some training skills to build individual personality.

The seminar also focused on character strength and charisma, including being authentic, knowing one’s talent and true passion, and making a goal for oneself to work on, in addition to taking responsibility for oneself, building self-confidence, and raising one’s sense of worth, i.e. the law of the mirror.

Mr. Jameel stressed on the need to develop social communication skills, dialogue, understanding and listening skills, building positive habits and observing one’s thoughts, and other positive qualities that help building charisma and strong personality for the individual in particular and thus improving the society in general.