A group of students from the Faculty of Biomedical Informatics  participated in the fourth National Robot Tournament in Iraq held at the University of Baghdad.

The tournament was held at Al-Khawarzmi Engineering College, where the student Ahmed Rashid Mahmoud placed second in the category of universities for his project (disabled chair). Accordingly, he will participate in the Qatar State Championship.

A group of students from the Department of Intelligent Medical Systems: Taiba Firas Rickan, Reem Ra ‘ad Fadil, Hasanin Riad and Amin Firas Rickan ( from the third stage) also received the award for the best innovation in the tournament for the class of universities for their project (The Walking Cane)

It should be noted that lec. Dr. Munira Abdul Hamdi, head of the Department of Intelligent Medical Systems, participated in the referees’ committee for the same competition and was honored with a certificate of appreciation and shield of the tournament. The tournament was co-organized by many of the Faculty students with the cooperation of the departments as volunteers, numbering more than thirty-five students  who demonstrated a great deal of  leadership, creativity and excellence in the field of medical technology.