Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Dr. Naim Al-Aboudi participated in the Graduation Ceremony for the University of Information Technology and Communications’ Students for the academic year 2021-2022.

Firstly, he emphasized that the University of Information Technology and Communications is important for its special disciplines that keep abreast of the scientific and technical acceleration in the Information Technology sector. He congragulated the graduates on the commence of their practical life. At the same time, he expressed his high appreciation to the University’s professors and staff, who at all times made valuable efforts  to disseminate and manufacture the academic and cultural consciousness which is a vital element of the scientific and practical life.

He appreciated the University’s long-standing efforts in following up all its graduates and developing their knowledge through training programmes,  practical projects, Continuous education centre, as well as their contribution to the production of scientific and academic research documented by the world’s classifications.

For his part, the President of the University of Information Technology and Communications , Dr. Aabbas Al-Bakri, said in his speech that the challenges facing universities had made it an environment to adapt to variables and provide scientific and technical solutions.The University has opened an important window to develop the future disciplines that society will need.

The graduation ceremony included the reciting the graduation oath, the speech of the graduate students’ representative and poetry recitation.

The ceremony concluded with a tribute to the top three  graduates by  Dr. Naim Al-Aboudi wishing them a long life of excellence and success.