The Student Activities Department at the University of Information Technology and Communications participated in the Iraqi Universities Athletics Championship, with the participation of 59 governmental and private Iraqi universities and colleges.

The tournament was organized on the grounds of the College of Physical Education and Sports Sciences at the University of Baghdad and hosted by a group of governmental and private colleges and universities for the period from 6-9/3/2023.

The University delegation was headed by Assistant Professor Dr. Imad Kadhem Al-Kaabi, Director of the Student Activities Department at the University, Dr. Muhammad Saeb, and Lecturer Nashwan Dhiaa Zaki, with the participation of four students from the College of Engineering, Department of Media and Communication Technology Engineering.

Competitions were held among universities and colleges students participating in events (100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, 1500m, high jump, long jump, javelin, discus and hammer throwing).

At the end of the tournament, the University received the Shield of Excellence and Creativity from the Organizing Committee headed by the University of Baghdad for its participation in this tournament.