The University of Information Technology and Communication (UoITC)  participated in the Second International Exhibition for Patents and Industrial Designs in Dohuk Province.

The exhibition was sponsored by the University of Zakho, in cooperation with the University of Sawa, for the period from 29 until 12/1/2023, where the university received the Edson Award for Innovations and Inventions, and the Creativity Medal.
The university’s participation included presenting the patent titled (Designing and implementation of a smart system to detect and remove dust accumulation on solar cells).
Director of the Quality Assurance and University Performance Department, Assistant Professor Dr. Hussein Abdel Redha was honoured , the owner of the patent, along with his co-professors, namely Prof. Intisar Shadeed Al-Mojabli, Dean of the Faculty of Biomedical Informatics at UoITC, Dr. Bahaa Abdul Rasoul from Al-Mustansiriya University and Dr. Ali Al-Bakri from the Middle Technical University.