The Computer Center at the University of Information Technology and Communications organized a lecture on modern computing techniques.
The lecture was delivered by the two lecturers at the Computer Center, Lect. Dr. Reem Ibrahim and Assist. Lect. Ban Issam, talked about modern Wolfram computing techniques and the capabilities that can be provided to researchers and students in terms of ease of use and speed of implementation, which replaces other programming languages because they do not need to install or update libraries, in addition to containing an intelligent search engine Alpha that can generate texts, programming codes, and a dialogue language. Between the search engine and the user.
The lecture targeted researchers in scientific fields such as mathematics, statistics, computers, chemistry, and the humanities, who can benefit from these techniques because its containers contain built-in algorithms to analyze many types of mathematical data, organic chemistry, and grammar, such as the components of sentences and words, in addition to providing data ready for analysis by researchers.