The Dean of the Business Informatics College, Assist. Prof. Nagham Hamed Abdul Mahdi, and the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Justice for Administrative and Financial Affairs, Dr. Burhan Mezher Al-Qaisi, conducted an interview with a number of applicants who hold advanced degrees to work as supervisors of the Inmates Education Program.
The interviews took place at the headquarters of the Ministry of Justice in the presence of the Assistant General of the Iraqi Correction Service for Comprehensive Welfare Affairs, Mr. Raed Jader Khalaf, and the Director of the Department of Business Information Systems Management at the Business Informatics College, Dr. Reem Abdul Razzaq, in order to select the most suitable of the graduate degree holders who applied to work as supervisors of the University’s Inmate Education Program in Al-Karkh Central Prison.
The Business Informatics College at the University of Information Technology and Communications, in cooperation with the Ministry of Justice in 2022, established the University Education Center in Al-Karkh Prison to teach inmates; and this is due to its belief in achieving societal reform in the country, creating an educational environment that helps reduce crime in the country, and benefiting from youth energies in building a developed country in all fields.