The Department of Communications and Mobile Computing Engineering at the College of Engineering at the University of Information Technology and Communications announced the completion of preparations for the start of the master’s study program in the field of mobile communications engineering for the academic year 2024-2025.
Applicants must meet the academic standards
For a program
MSc/Mobile Communications Engineering:
Those who have one of these scientific backgrounds are accepted into postgraduate studies, which are:
• Bachelor’s degree in Communications and Mobile Computing Engineering.
• Bachelor’s degree in Electronic Communications Engineering.
• Bachelor’s degree in Information and Communications Technology Engineering.
• Bachelor’s degree in Network Engineering and Information Technology.
• Higher diploma in communications or computer engineering.
• Bachelor’s degree in Electrical/Electronic and Communications Engineering.

The college also indicated the competitive examination subjects for admission to the master’s program, and the following academic subjects:
1. Mathematics
2.Wireless communications
3. Digital communications
4. Computer networks
5. Antenna and wave propagation
6. Mobile computing
7. Communications theory
8. Electronics and embedded systems

The college indicated that this program comes in line with the needs of the market and academic and research institutions and to develop the research and scientific skills of graduate students and enhance their professional opportunities in the labor market, indicating that the department adheres to the instructions of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research regarding admission controls, the plan, and application and registration dates.

This program is an important step towards strengthening the position of the college and university as a leading center in engineering education and scientific research, and a contribution to preparing a new generation of engineers specialized in the field of mobile communications.