The Center for Continuing Education at the university organized a workshop on developing administrative and financial skills within the implementation programs and activities of a national strategy for higher education in science for the year 2024.
Readings on the management and oversight of the general budget 2023-2024-2025 determined the workshop. It was launched by the Director of Financial Management Affairs, Dr. Ibrahim Naeem, and the Director of Audit and Internal Control. Muhammad Shakur and Assistant Director of Financial Administrative Affairs, Omer Hadi, in which they referred to the state’s revenues and expenditures in the tripartite budget.
The workshop explained many issues related to the budget, starting with the definition of the budget, its characteristics, and the objectives that exist for it through its chapters, as the budget is considered one of the tools for the success of the government that adopts its programs. It also explained the principles of preparing the general equation and how to design it, starting from the smallest administrative unit in government agencies. Increasingly for the media.
The workshop was exposed to different types of oversight of the Iraqi budget, which begins from within the facility in three stages: before, after, and while keeping up with the work.