Students of the Media Technology Engineering Department at the College of Engineering at our University began their summer training in the Iraqi Media Network, within the framework of cooperation between the college and the network.
This training comes within the requirements of preparing students to engage in practical and professional life closely, and it was under the supervision and follow-up of the head of the department, Assist. Prof. Muhammad Maher Rasheed, and a member of the summer training committee, Assist. Lect. Aws Jabbar Jassem directly accompanied the third-stage students during their summer training at the network’s headquarters.
The summer training curriculum will continue throughout the current month of July and in three government institutions, namely the Iraqi Media Network, the Communications and Media Commission, and the University Channel. This program is considered a model of effective partnership and constructive cooperation between academic bodies and media institutions, which contributes to motivating and encouraging students to hone their skills, prepare them well, and give a wide area for experience to acquire the required skills and how to master them, thus preparing efficient personnel capable of engaging in the labor market.