The Continuous Education Center at the University of Information Technology and Communications organized an awareness seminar on developing legal skills and civil service law.
The symposium was presented by the official of the University’s legal department, Lect. Dr. Muhammad Karim Ali and Mrs. Iman Ghaleb Mhaisen.
The symposium dealt with the conditions for appointment in the Iraqi state, and an explanation of the probationary period during which the employee is placed on probation, and the employee’s financial rights were also clarified, which are fixed and non-fixed salaries and allocations, as well as the employee’s annual bonus and promotion and its conditions, including completion of the prescribed period, the existence of a vacant job, and proving the employee’s ability and competence to fill the job.
As for the non-financial rights enjoyed by the employee, including transfer, placement and secondment, the right to vacations, and the right to calculate service, and the types of vacations and cases of the end of the employee’s relationship with his job were explained and clarified.