The University of Information Technology & Communications ( UoITC) was honored by the Iraqi Ministry of Justice in its first conference for educational programs in correctional institutions, which was held under the slogan (Education is a first step towards reform).

This honor comes for the role that UoITC which is considered one of the main supporting bodies in activating and making the educational program successful for inmates and detainees in correctional institutions, especially in Al-Karkh Central Prison, which hosted the UoITC’s Education Center.

The Ministers of Justice, Higher Education & Scientific Research, and Education praised the role played by our university.
The Minister of Justice, Dr. Khaled Shwani, cited in his speech, the achievement of one of the inmates from the College of Business Informatics, who won first place for three years in both morning and evening studies.

For his part, His Excellency the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Dr. Naeem Al-Aboudi, pointed out that UoITC deserves all praise and appreciation for its active role in completing this reform project, which everyone should be proud of because it aims to reform and rehabilitate people.

The President of the University, Professor Dr. Abbas Mohsen Al-Bakri, the former Dean of the College of Business Informatics, Professor Dr. Safaa Obais Mahdi, the current Dean Dr. Nagham Hamid Abdul Mahdi, the Assistant Dean for Scientific Affairs, Dr. Rula Amjad Hamed, the Head of the Department of Information Systems Management, Dr. Reem Razzaq Abdel Hussein, and an elite group of the department’s professors, received the Excellence Shield for the First Conference of Educational Programs in Correctional Institutions by the Ministry of Justice.
The conference witnessed the signing of a cooperation agreement between the Ministries of Justice and Higher Education and the university’s contribution to proposing and implementing the inmate education program, as well as a number of artistic events that encourage the educational role within prisons.