The Division of Rehabilitation, Employment, and Follow-up at the University held the seventh annual Jobs and Software Exhibition with the participation of several companies and was sponsored by Aswar Company and Space Light Company.
The University President, Prof. Dr. Abbas Mohsen Al-Bakri, said during his opening speech at the exhibition, “The University sponsors many programs and projects related to building and developing the capabilities of students in specializations that are consistent with the requirements of the United Nations Sustainable Development Program.”
Al-Bakri pointed out, “There is an end to some jobs and the beginning of a new era of information and Communications Technology jobs, and here we see that the future will be of great growth for information and communication Technology, and we call on all companies in the private and government sectors to pay attention to student projects and try to attract them to contain new ideas, nurture them, and integrate them into the labor market for creativity in their work.”
For his part, the Rehabilitation and Employment Division Officer at the University, Mr. Radhwan Salem, spoke and thanked the sponsoring and participating companies, adding that the University and the Division seek to provide job opportunities for graduates and introduce them to the labor market. This exhibition represents an opportunity to build a network of professional relationships between workers in the business sector and graduates. It also represents an appropriate opportunity to gain self-confidence through interviews. It is also an opportunity to gain experience and obtain advice and feedback that seeks to develop these ideas and projects, adding that the University is one of the leading universities in this field. It continues to hold this annual exhibition.
For his part, the representative of Aswar Company, Taha Zaid Ahmed, indicated in his speech that they feel proud to sponsor such important exhibitions, which reflects the extent of cooperation between the company and the leading University in the field of information and communications technology, through which we seek to commit to supporting talents and providing excellent job opportunities and training programs for students to promote innovation and technological development.
The representative of the Space Light Company, Mr. Mustafa Munther, indicated in his speech that the company’s vision is about paying attention to the ability of young people to innovate, change, and develop in the world of information technology, and he also expressed the company’s belief that young people create the future with their creative ideas and projects to serve the country and provide all available capabilities, including the possibility of employing talented students.
For her part, the representative of Al-Riyadh Group Company, Mina Amer, said that the company launched, for about three years, a Step Program to train students and consider them as paid employees, with the possibility of developing their skills in exchange for a salary for three months, after which the talented ones are appointed.
After that, the University president and the scientific assistant presented shields and certificates of the exhibition to the sponsoring and participating companies, which are (Aswar Company, Space Light Company, Prime Minister’s Office – Riyada Initiative, Riyadh Group Company, East Al-Jazeera Company, Super Cell Company, iQ Company, Lago Company, Lazan Contracting Company, Ebtikar Solutions Company, Zain Communications Company, and others.
The University president and company representatives were also briefed on student projects and programs from its three colleges, as well as the participation of the Technology Incubator and Ecosystem Division through student projects in displaying their innovations.