The University organized an awareness seminar on environmental awareness, and it was presented by two University professors, Assist. Lect. Iqbal Ahmed Omar and Assist. Lect. Hiyam Amjad Hussein and the symposium focused on environmental awareness, which is the awareness among members of society of the importance of preserving the environment and its components, preventing its pollution, rationalizing the use of its resources, and confronting the risks that it may be exposed, for the safety and health of the individual and society, to ensure sustainable development and a good life for current and future generations.
creating environmental knowledge in society that helps understand environmental problems, instilling meaningful environmental values and ethics, activating the role of society, helping the individual discover problems, and enhancing positive behavior among individuals in dealing with them.
The symposium indicated that there are three sides to environmental awareness, which are (the government and its agencies, society with all its bodies and institutions, and the individuals who constitute the protectors of the environment if knowledge, awareness, and correct understanding are available).
The symposium discussed some causes of pollution, including oil exploration, cutting down palm trees and trees, and waste issued by factories, laboratories, and power stations, as well as wars, nuclear tests, and other environmental pollutants.
The symposium also presented ways to develop environmental awareness, which is carried out through the family, educational, and pedagogical institutions, the media, environmental legislation and laws, and non-governmental organizations.
The symposium recommended the need for companies to pay attention to this aspect and include it in academic curricula, focusing on art and media to produce series and educational programs, in addition to guidance billboards and banners, employing religious discourse, and benefiting from international experiences, as well as cooperation between ministries, institutions, and civil society organizations to encourage interest in the environmental aspect.