In view of the continuation and persistence of the Zionist aggression against the Palestinian people, the University of Informations Technology and Communications calls on the international community, with all its organizations and institutions, and peoples who love peace and humanity and fight injustice and tyranny, to move quickly and effectively to end this aggression, in implementation of international law, and to protect the security and stability of the region from the danger of expanding wars and violence, the price of which will be paid by everyone.
The University assists and supports all Palestinian students, academics and educational institutions, whether inside Palestine or anywhere in the world, by providing the academic and moral opportunities they need for science and development, especially in the field of informations technology and communications.
The University also emphasizes the importance of supporting Palestinian universities by conducting more academic and research cooperation, receiving and opening classrooms for Palestinian students, and providing all available means through electronic platforms and virtual libraries to obtain knowledge for these students.
Our University supports what students from international universities in America and Europe, the Association of Arab Universities, the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, and Iraqi universities are doing, and our University expresses its solidarity and full support for the brotherly Palestinian people in light of the challenges and difficult circumstances they face as a result of the Zionist aggression, with the University denouncing these crimes and the American and Western silence about it.
We remain committed to our pledge and belief in realizing the right of the Palestinian people, who suffer from violations of basic rights and the displacement of this oppressed people, and to support them in determining their fate and establishing their independent state with Islamic and Arab support in particular and the international community in general.