Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Dr. Hussein al-Shahristani, awarded the lecturer Intesar Almjbli, the lecturer in the College of Informatics Business, for gaining of L’Oreal UNESCO Award 2015 for women in science.
Al-Shahristani praised the excellence efforts of the lecturer , clarifying the attention of the ministry to provide an appropriate scientific environment , open the way for the creative energies , employ the product of scientific research to serve and develop society , and support of different sectors of the State.
Al- Almjbli has got the L’Oreal UNESCO Award 2015 for Women in Science for her research project ” create an intelligent remote system to monitor the status of patients”, which aims to design and implement special intelligent system of health care depends on a combination of information technology techniques and sensors. The proposed system works to control the elderly people of chronic diseases remotely by directing appropriate medical advice in a timely manner or by rapid medical intervention in emergencies.