Businesses Informatics College at the university of Information Technology and Communications organized a lecture about the instructions that are issued by the ministry of higher education and scientific researches. These instructions are about the modality of questions of exams and rules of examination committees. The lecture is organized as a part of the preparations for the final examinations.
The lecture was presented by Dr. Intisar Shaded the head of Management Informatics Systems department. She presented the several aspects about the questions of exams, examination rules that concern the lecturers of subjects, and rules that concern the supervisors and monitors of examinations halls.
She said that questions should be variant, clear, with a unified formula, not all the questions should be about the direct description, questions should include comparisons and relate among different elements of the subjects. The number of the questions should be appropriate to the time of exam, including all the units of the subject, and within the curriculum.
Teaching staff should hand the questions of the examinations, forms of answers, and the annual marks of students. Teaching staff should take the standards of marks division (theoretical and practical examination, annual mark and final mark).
The lecture attended by the teaching staff who asked questions about certain points in order to ensure that everything seems well at the final examinations at the college.