Business Informatics College at the University Information Technology and communications organized a workshop about protecting environment from pollution. The workshop attended by Dr. Saffaa A. Mahdi.

The workshop presented by the lecturer Sura Fauzi Ismail who talked about several aspects like types of pollutions, environment pollution in Iraq, and how to manipulate pollution in Iraq. She defined the environment as the atmosphere that surrounds the earth, and it affects society. The lecturer added that the intellectual pollution is the most serious pollution that can affect people.
Some solutions were suggested at the workshop by International organizations concerned with defending environment like: recycling waste material. In addition, some recommendations were presented like reformulate some laws that concerned protecting environment in order to make these laws suit the environmental changes in the society.
A coordination and cooperation should be made between the international and local organizations in order to make diagnostic surveys on some areas and solve Iraqi environment problems. Health commissions should make medical checks to residents of areas that doubted their exposure to pollution. As well, media should participate in awareness by presenting the principles of environmental education. Colleges should present studies, hold conferences, and seminars about risks of using weapons on the reality of the Iraqi environment, and the necessity of activating the labor laws that govern the relationship among the individuals and how to use the elements of the environment in which they live.
At the end of the workshop, the lecture distributed a questionnaire to get opinions and suggestions from audience, which can improve environment in Iraq.