The college of Business and Informatics organized a seminar titled “Internet of Everything” which specialized in introducing a comprehensive explanation aims to connect the persons, devices, information and operations for building sustainable environment.
The assistant lecturer in the department of Informatics Systems Management in the college of Business and Informatics “Sura F. Ismael” introduced the seminar and explained the term of (Internet of Everything) that simplifies the communication between the entities by using Internet Protocol (IP), these entities includes; persons, devices, tools, sensors and different artificial intelligence tools ..etc.
Noting that the development in Internet of Everything was managed by the private sector based on the desire of profitability and competitiveness between the producers of applications and smart devices of this lucrative sector whereas the initial numbers of estimations refer to big and extensible earned profits. While the governments of some countries of the world that considered the hand of regulation and legislation within their national borders started to put their policies for extremely exploiting the Internet of Everything in building information society and knowledge economy. The seminar mentioned the Spanish city of Barcelona as an example for that, and also included presenting (Packet Tracer 7) program and how to use it for designing a model of Internet of Everything.
At the end of seminar, it was recommended for introducing best efforts and putting solutions for developing the UOITC to be active and smart university.