College of Business Informatics in UOITC organized training course for defining the administrative laws of country employees, increasing their administrative awareness and informing them about the most important laws in order to avoid the work mistakes.
The training course continued for 6 days and included presenting the laws like law of country employees disciplining No.(14) of year 1991 and its applying domain whereas types of disciplinary sanctions were mentioned that are applied by the management toward the employee, and their effects like delaying in the annual bounce and promotion.
The course also explained how to compose investigating committees, the actions they take and the recommendations for these actions, in addition to the explaining ways of rejections the law includes and are considered as assurance in country offices and institutes.
The course also explained during the presentation of the law of ministry of higher education and scientific research No.(40) of year 1988 and its amendments, university service law No.(23) of year 2008 and also the law of country employees salaries No.(22) of year 2008. The course also concentrated on defining civil service law and their related subjects like appointment, oldness, transporting, placement, borrowing, and vacations types (normal, pathological, studying, without salary, birth and maternity).
The introduced course by specialized professors added defining the most important administrative and lawful differences and interactions whereas this course aimed to avoid administrative mistakes that could be occur by college staff, Noting that an electronic exam will be done for all participants in the lawful course using e-learning system (model).