Within the students activities Commission’s work in Businesses Informatics College at University of Information Technology and Communication; professors, staff and students of the college conducted a visit to the Children’s orphanage in Baghdad Al- Salhiya.
Professors, staff and students of Businesses Informatics College gave gifts and assistance to orphaned children as a gesture of the total interest in this underserved class, as the college delegation conducted a tour in the corridors of the orphanage and viewing services provided for children.
The Director of orphanage Najat Shakir Mahmoud said that the work house currently houses 63 children, including 30 males and 33 females, indicating that the arrival of the children to the work house comes by several conditions, including orphaned, family disintegration, missing or stranded from their parents as well as children with an unknown parents who come through the police stations or hospitals, noting that many families come to work house to adopt orphans.
The college delegation expressed approbation for the services provided by the work house to the children and showed interest in these underserved class that, and ready to provide more assistance needed by the house as a gesture from UOITC of interest in these classes in order to create a spirit of solidarity between the scientific community and the society.