The college of Business Informatics in UOITC established a workshop about the job lazing and how to deal with which was attended by a number of university and college employees.
The Dr. Azhaar M. Majid from University of Baghdad / College of Literatures introduced workshop included the definition of the job lazing disease which means wasting the time by carelessness, relaxation or incompetence from performing the assigned tasks.
The workshop included using instances about the types of the lazing and carelessness such as: organizing carelessness, routine, lack of respect for time and concentration on the number of employees not their quality that cause the delay in performing their tasks perfectly.
The workshop also included the reasons of the job lazing whereas if some of the responsible parties are incompetence and careless in performing their tasks will generate feeling of irresponsibility as well as non-participation in important decisions relate to the institute which motivate them to reduce their self activity that generate the overall lazing which in turn leads to disruption of work of the institution and the interests of the beneficiaries which distribute the phenomena of corruption and bribery that affects on the economic and security side of the country.
The workshop also presented some of the solutions that lead to eliminate this disease such as; identifying those persons and sharing them in training and development courses, sharing them in taking some decisions, trying to revive the conscience role and concentrating on the religious and moral side that stimulates on work completion perfectly, as well as stimulating the efficient employee and distinguishing him/her from other.