Training and Development Department at University of Information Technology and Communication accomplished within the first half training curriculum of 2016 an advanced training course on advanced PHP.
Training Department made this course based on the request of some department of the university; the course was attended by a group of the teaching staff of Business Informatics College and the staff of the Electronic Projects Department at the university to introduce the importance of this programming language that especially designed for the development of programs and web applications.

The training course dealt with an introduction to PHP language importance, which is an open source languages and developed by a group of developers and programmers, is characterized by high speed programs execution, as well as it can the number of permitted database communications, the maximum size of the files that can be sent via the browser and permit or cancel the use of some features, all of this is done by PHP settings file, which is controlled by the website manager.
Advanced PHP training course aimed to develop the participant’s abilities of teaching staff and the specialists in the field of electronic projects at the university after their participation in training course about PHP basics which showed to importance of this programming language and gave the participants the basic skills to take advantage of it in their theoretical and practical work field.