The college of Businesses informatics at the University of information Technology and Communications held a seminar about the ethical behavior in professional scientific research.
The seminar presented by Dr. Saffa Aubaisy Mahdy the dean of Business Informatics College. He clarified many important qualifications of a good scientific researcher. Like , scientific honesty of a scientific researcher, the researcher should cite the references he/she used as resources of the ideas that he/she quoted from a particular references or an extract that is selected from another researcher’s text.
Dr. Safaa added that the scientific fraud means scientific efforts stolen from others. It has no other different meaning from any other type of thefts which are deprived by Almighty God.
Some qualified manners have been mentioned in the seminar that enable the supervisors of scientific researches to distinguish between authentic and non-authentic ones. There are many types of academic fraud, such as plagiarism of a research plan, a number of pages or references from a thesis, or it might be the total thesis.
Nowadays it is easy to fake a research due to internet and the facilities that can be provided to researchers, like, e-libraries, and scientific references. They are considered as a good motivation to pirates.
Also, Dr. Safaa added that there are some well-known journals in spite of the fact that they are not authentic. The owners of those journals are interested in financial profits without taking into account the terms of the authenticity of scientific research. Researchers have to beware of those journals.
These kinds of piracy may condemn researchers legally. Then researchers may be eliminated from their jobs at the ministry of the higher education and scientific research.
Finally, the attendees of the seminar (lecturers) confirmed the necessity of supporting scientific researches in Iraq financially and morally. As well, the importance of providing scientific resources, e-libraries to researchers and the importance of subscribing international scientific websites.