Dr. Alaa Talal Yassin participated in the fifth International Conference of the Union of Arab statisticians held in the Arab Republic of Egypt, which came under the slogan (Role of Statistics in Crisis Management).
Head of the Department of Business Information Technology in Business Informatics College Dr. ‘Alaa Talal Yassin presented a paper entitled “The Impact of Information Technology on Decision Support Analysis: Systems Dynamics Entrance.”
Summary of research showed the need for superior leadership to make decisions to steer the Iraqi universities outcomes for the best to overcome the knowledge border obstacles in understanding and addressing the vital and structural complexities to evaluate the available options.
The research aims to discuss the role of information technology and provide information when making management decisions in the analysis and measurement of the change in decision-making at the level of importance of technology interventions information model and rely on dynamic system simulation methodology, as the search answers the relationship between user information level and management decision-making and the correct information accuracy and affectivity of decision.
Dr. Alaa Talal Yassine got a letter of thanks and appreciation in the conference for her valuable research.